Second Primary Internal Practice

This training is regarding the 2 nd Primary Internal Practice every company must have to achieve 9 Figure success. This encompasses the Marketing Department. Each of the 8 Primary Internal Practices are essential to achieving real success and in my experience, the majority of Entrepreneurs really don’t understand why all 8 Primary Internal Practices are essential to
achieving success or how, when they are all operating in harmony, they create massive synergy and consequently rapid growth for your company. The Marketing Department is often the least understood department by Entrepreneurs, so please pay close attention to what you are about to learn, this is one of the most complex departments in your company.

There are two primary sides to a well-structured marketing department. One side is the research and analytics side of the Marketing Department, the other side is the creative and artistic side of the marketing department. Remember, in the First Primary Internal Practice you learned that Gallup’s 46 years of research discovered human beings have 34 innate genes and their research further found that everyone has five dominant genes. The Genes that make someone a great analyst are different than the Genes that make someone a great art. And in marketing, there are two main categories that when they work in unison generate great results for your company. Sometimes a person may have genes that give them some abilities in both of these areas and these people may do a reasonable job at being both creative and analytic, unfortunately, this will result in them being able to generate results but their results seldom achieve the maximum Return on Investment that the company needs from the marketing department.

To build a fantastic Marketing department you need a minimum of three people with synergistic skill sets. The artistic team will be able to write great copy and create great graphics that combined grab the prospect’s attention and motivate them to want your product or service or to learn more about your product or service. The analyst will track and monitor the results this creative is generating in various marketing mediums and the conversion rate. The analyst will also be able to determine if the average conversion happens at a low number of views, a medium number of views, or a high number of views. And will determine when creative has hit saturation and is no longer generating sufficient results to justify the ongoing expense for this creative.

These analytics also help decide how much to invest in each marketing creative and where it should be placed to ensure the greatest ROI on the ad spend for each creative and its advertising medium.

Now let’s look at the many advertising mediums available to all companies. There is radio, TV, flyers, targeted direct mail, newspapers, billboards, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, Tumbler, Viber, outbound call centers, inbound call centers, internet downloads, websites, influencers and one of the most valuable aspects are client testimonials and referrals. These last two can be increased significantly with some well thought out programs and will be your lowest cost marketing effort.

No one is an expert in all of these mediums, therefore your senior marketing executive needs to either pick the medium that they know and utilize it or recruit and build a team that will create the greatest synergy at this stage in your company’s growth.

Remember, as your revenue grows you will need to grow these teams so it maximizes your companies results across all the best platforms for your company. When your marketing department is generating these results the other departments in your company can become overwhelmed and your marketing can cause your company more problems and quickly erode all the great things the marketing department is accomplishing.

To help you visualize this, think of the First Primary Internal Practice or the Office of the President as being the hub in a wheel and your Second Primary Internal Practice or more commonly referred to as your Marketing department being one spoke in your wheel. As we continue explaining all of the Eight Primary Internal Practices, the whole picture will come together and you will be able to both understand and visualize how this training works for every company regardless of what business you are building.

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