How To Build Customer Trust

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Have you ever wondered how you can build customer trust? Customers don’t buy from a business they don’t trust – do you?

You’ve allocated time, energy, and financial resources to your marketing and sales. You and your team are doing everything you can to attract customers. And so are all of your competitors. Customer trust is how you stand out from the competition. And it’s one of the most significant ways you create customers that return again and again.

So how do you build customer trust?

Professional and friendly customer service
This should go without saying… But let’s face it, we’ve all experienced rude, unfriendly customer reps with little or no patience. The expense takes to attract and get a customer to the point where they’re contacting your customer rep warrants a genuine investment in properly training everyone who has any contact with a customer or a potential customer.

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Encourage customer reviews
We all do it. We check customer reviews before we buy. Customer reviews will boost confidence and create trust in your product or service. It also lets your current customers know that you value their opinion and this inspires customer loyalty. And loyal customers can become brand ambassadors.

Do not remove negative feedback
It’s natural to want to remove negative comments – no one wants to be seen in a bad light. But negative feedback is a reality of doing business. And customers don’t trust a site with 100% five-star reviews.

Address negative feedback
Believe it or not, negative feedback actually helps improve customer trust. You’re showing your potential customers how you handle issues when things go wrong. It’s proof that you take responsibility and they’re not just a number – and this builds trust.

Value your customer and let them know it
Chances are, your customer was faced with a myriad of choices before they selected you. Let them know how much you appreciate their choosing you. And reassure them that you’re going to do everything it takes to make them happy.

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Consistency builds trust. Any customer or potential customer interaction with your company should be friendly, professional, and above all knowledgeable. Every customer contact point should have the same answers to the same questions. Whether it’s in person, by phone, email, live chat, or social media. Consistency across the board assures your customer your organization is professional and capable.

Admit to mistakes and fix them promptly in an honest, professional, and helpful way
Fix the problem. Period. That’s all every customer wants. Yes, even when it’s a customer error. Apologize for the inconvenience, offer a solution, and make your customer happy. Not only will they be back, they’ll tell everyone they know how you saved the day.

Building customer trust takes time. There are no shortcuts.

What strategies are you using to build customer trust?

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