Eighth Primary Internal Practice Quality and Leadership

In this article, we will discuss the 8th Primary Internal Practice every company must have to achieve 9 Figure Success.  This Primary Internal Practice is Quality combined with Leadership.

Most 7 and 8 Figure businesses do not truly understand much if anything about the Quality department or the difference between Management and Leadership.  There are two segments in the Quality Department – there is Quality Assurance and Quality Control and they must report to Company Leader.

Before I explain the differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Control, I want to share Dr. Deming’s fourteen (14) points.  These points are the foundation of a more efficient workplace, higher profits, and where increased productivity grows.  Their foundation:

  • Creates and communicates to all employees a statement of the aims and purposes of the company.
  • Adapt to the new philosophy of the day; industries and economics are always changing.
  • Build quality into a product throughout production.
  • End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag alone; instead, build a long-term relationship based on established loyalty and trust.
  • Work to constantly improve quality and productivity.
  • Institute on-the-job training.
  • Teach and institute leadership to improve all job functions.
  • Drive out fear; create trust.
  • Strive to reduce intradepartmental conflicts.
  • Eliminate exhortations for the workforce; instead, focus on the system and morale.
  • (a) Eliminate work standard quotas for production. Substitute leadership methods for improvement.
    (b) Eliminate Management by Objectives (MBO). Avoid numerical goals. Alternatively, learn the capabilities of processes, and how to improve them.
  • Remove barriers that rob people of pride in workmanship
  • Educate with self-improvement programs.
  • Include everyone in the company to accomplish the transformation.

Quality Assurance is the procedures that focus on providing assurance that everything in your company is tested to ensure that your company is providing the best possible product or service to your customers. 

Quality Control is the procedure that focuses on fulfilling the quality requested by identifying and fixing the defects.

My opinion is that these two elements are the Magic that morphs a company into a powerhouse.  Incorporating these elements into the foundation of your company creates a foundation that cannot and will not be rocked by any internal or external event that would otherwise rock and likely crater a growth company that has not budgeted and built QA and QC departments.

It is important that you understand having a strong Quality Department composed of these two sub departments will position your company for rapid growth.

When anything goes wrong in your company these two departments look at the problem from totally different perspectives.  One of them will find the cause of the problem and either institute corrective procedures or share their findings with the President.

An important aspect you must understand about the Quality Department is, it is the only department in the company that touches every department in the company.  It is the only department in the company that drills down on everything every other department does and independently or together, they will find every problem and help fix or identify the problem in the company.

Because of this, it is essential that the only person they ever report their findings to is the President of the company.  They must not and cannot report to any other department head for if they do, their integrity can be compromised and they can be blocked from sharing their findings to the President of the company where Leadership has the tremendous power to help the company accomplish anything.

According to Peter Drucker, making the decision that you’re going to be a Leader is the most important decision and the gateway to this power.  Leadership is getting things accomplished by acting through others.  Regardless of your own abilities, there are many important goals that you cannot attain without the help of others.

I am certain you are familiar with the saying: The Buck Stops Here!  The Buck only stops at the President of the company.

Peter Drucker defined leadership in this way:

“Leadership is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond its normal limitations.”

As strong a proponent 9 Figure Company is on Quality, we are equally a strong proponent on Leadership.

The Quality department will see everything in the company.  Whereas the Coaching 9 Figure Company does, is dependent on the information 9 Figure Company receives from each department.  When problems are found we can and will help fix the problems.  And like the President, we can only fix problems “we know about”.

Whereas, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, are inside the company and must have full carte blanche access to every department in the company we only need to help the parties involved find a solution to the problem.  Our field of expertise is helping you become a better Leader and helping you solve problems.

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