Business Coaching Service for Seattle, Washington

Business Coaching Service for Seattle, Washington 98107 that can help you scale to 9 figures and more

Business Coaching Service for Seattle? Business Coach William De Temple is a seasoned senior executive and Board Member with a track record of more than forty years of accomplishments in a number of industries both domestically and internationally.

Seattle is home to several big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks & Boeing. Plus as per January, it’s the skyline of Seattle is the first to have more than 55 cranes. which shows the tremendous business potential increasing at high speed. 

Seattle public companies have grown in value by approximately $2.2 trillion in the last 10 years or more than 7 per cent of the entire value of America’s bull market run in 2020.

Why we are you telling you this?

Because this growth does not only show the business value of these big corporate giants but also creates the best startup ecosystem in Seattle.

Many small businesses which are looking forward to growing their business in Seattle can benefit from our business coaching in Seattle.

His passion is growing companies, whether it is a startup, a turnaround, a roll up, or taking it to the next level through organic growth and or acquisitions. He has successfully defined new markets, increased market share and developed new product lines.

The goal of every company is to continually outperform the market while achieving  the highest possible bottom line results and Mr. De Temple knows how to build and lead the management team along with developing and implementing the processes and controls that deliver these desired results. His incentive plans for management and staff are designed to ensure both top line and bottom line growth while still exciting the customers.

He has received numerous awards for tangible, intangible and consultative sales. “When I believe in a product or a concept, I can build the organization  which insure that customer needs are met, and result in the highest customer satisfaction, excellent referrals and repeat sales.”

William C. De Temple

Professional CEO

Mr. De Temple has also helped from the board level in private and public companies. His long standing as a member of the Forum for Corporate Directors and his firm belief in raising the governance bar has proven valuable for all the companies he has supported at the Board and Executive Level.

Mr. De Temple is an active Board Member of the Leadership Business Council, and a number of operating companies. He is a past Board Member of Turnaround Management Association, the Association for Corporate Growth, the Tiger Bay Club, Kiwanis and has a strong personal network that spans the globe.

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Business Coaching Service for Seattle, Washington