5 Signs It’s Time To Hire a Dedicated IT Professional

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IT professionals are one of the vital personnel need for business expansion. Research shows that most large businesses currently account for an average of 6.9% of their income on IT. This roughly amounts to thousands of dollars per employee for hardware, software, infrastructure, and repair. However, the strategic investment that actually results in growth lacks. This is the strategic approach to technology that an IT professional can offer.

If your business is looking to adopt a more strategic approach to technological advancement. Then, it might be time to get an IT professional.

Below are signs to look out for to know when it is time to hire an IT Professional

• Your non-technical staff are filling up technical roles

A common occurrence in many large companies is when an administrative assistant or office manager, is placed in a position to provide technical support for the company. Obviously, this has two detrimental effects – the person is fulfilling a role they’re not trained to play, and it takes time away from their usual duties that are more strategic for the business. An IT professional can focus on fulfilling all your business technology needs so other staff can concentrate on other aspects of expanding your business.

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• Your business is falling behind

Technology is increasingly becoming important in almost all industries. Customers expect your business to be accessible via every possible online platform. They expect you to be able to work hand in hand with them collaboratively. And when they inquire about a bill or a product, they expect answers immediately. To meet these needs, you need reliable technology that delivers insight, and facilitate smooth communication. Hiring an IT Professional can help you address these expectations effectively while you spend less.

• You want to expand your business further

Right, you have an established business. But there’s always room to punch past a plateau. You need proven processes and systems to scale your business further to the next level. An IT professional will look at your entire business from an infrastructure and process perspective, helping to determine what technological system will achieve the needed results.

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Your IT systems are old and need replacement or upgrade

The world of IT is always changing; the latest technology drives out older technologies. Eventually, even with proper maintenance, your IT systems won’t deliver the same results they did from when you started using it. If your servers become slow, your email system can’t keep up with the volume of your business, or you are experiencing other “technical issues” then it is time to look at searching for a replacement. An IT professional can examine your current infrastructure and business needs, and select the best and most profitable technology substitution.

• You’re spending too much on IT service and repair

Technology systems are similar to cars; they require regular maintenance for smooth operation. Unfortunately, many established businesses don’t treat their IT systems as well as they treat their cars. Instead, they may give up on maintenance in the name of reducing cost. Only to spend more money in the long run on repair. When you hire an IT professional, you can be assured of the regular maintenance needed to prevent issues. When a problem arises, they know your business needs and infrastructure and can get you up and running more quickly and cost-effectively.

• You don’t have in-house IT staff

Most large companies that are outside the technology industry doesn’t bother to access technical staff that is needed to deliver sustained growth. An IT professional can provide the technology and business know-how needed to expand your business.

Hiring an I.T. professional is a crucial decision for most big businesses. It’s a decision that indicates how important technology is to your business, and demonstrates your commitment to the sustainable expansion and growth of your company.

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