We Help Passionate CEO’s achieve Rapid Growth while maintaining High Profits faster than they realize is possible.

We are the world’s only Business Growth coaching service that is comprised of founders who have built multiple 9 Figure Companies and past Fortune 500 executives

6 clients scaled to $100 Million

15 clients scaled to $50 Million

51 clients scaled to $25 Million

76 clients scaled to $10 Million

The 3 Keys Our Clients Love About 9FigureCompany

Income Growth 9FigureCompany

Rapid Growth

We’ve built multiple 9 Figure Companies in under 5 years and we are here to share the lessons we learned

Higer Margins 9FigureCompany

20% Profit

We help you discover where you are losing or missing profits and Aim to bring your Company to 20%+ regardless of your industry

Growth Capital 9FigureCompany


Your Life Blood – We help you transform your company into an Investment Grade company so Capital is always available for your continued growth

Our Average Client ROI:


Why our clients retain us

Fiduciary Responsiblities 9FigureCompany

Fiduciary Responsibility

Our Zero Conflict of Interest Policy insures everything we do for you is for your benefit


We have helped our clients raise over $253 Million

$756,000,000 in Results

We’ve helped our clients increase their combined revenue over $756 Million

Improving Profit Margins

Our Average Client achieves near 20% or more

Exiting Your Business

We help you realize Top Dollar when you chose to Sell or IPO

We Coach Your Entire Team

We deliver unlimited coaching to you and your whole management team for one flat fee

Due Diligence

Our deep dive into your company uncovers everything that slows your growth

Real World Experience

Everyone of our Coaches has real-world executive experience to share with your team

Creating Winning Teams

Recruiting Executive with our Proprietary “Hiring for Excellence” program

World Class Connections

We utilize our Global Network to introduce you major opportunities

Weekly Accountability

Included are weekly accountability meetings to keep your team laser focused

Close Larger Deals

Using our resources and experience, we help you close larger deals

Fueling the growth of today's top Founders & Companies in every business vertical

Coach Business Owners in all aspects of the “8 Primary Internal Practices that every company must have to achieve success” and the “4 Primary External Practices that every company must have to achieve massive success” to achieve rapid growth to 9 Figures of top line revenue while increasing bottom line profit with the goal of achieving 20% EBITDA.

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime connected with us in 2016 and immediately knew the rapid growth experience, knowledge and wisdom was what he was missing to seriously scale the company rapidly.

Genesis Digital scaled from $7 million to $44 million in 2018 and was valued at over $80 million.

Britanie Turner

Aerial – Real Estate Developer, went from $3 Million when I started working with her to over $60 Million in just three (3) years. In the world of real estate developers, most companies aspire to increase the number of properties they build each year by 10% to 20% and always in the same segment of the market where they feel safe. The combination of Brittanie’s passion and our coaching helped to transition from building 10 to 70 new homes a year, expand into building multi story apartment buildings and design and build whole residential developments which will provide new homes for hundreds of families.

Eric Toczko

It’s not just the marketing, not just the Facebook advertising, You need Organization, Analytics and Accuracy in all parts of your business. 9 Figure Company has been instrumental in helping us prepare and position to scale every department in the company. Their guidance scaled ShineOn over 400% in the first year and we are now positioned to scale at least another 400% in our second year of being coached by Antirion.

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Your strategy call is 20 minutes during which a Senior Team Member will ask you many questions to learn what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are. Then they will advise you what they would do to help you scale your company to 9 Figures within 5 years. At the end of the call, you decide if this wisdom meshes with your dreams and if 9 Figure Business Coaching will be a synergistic fit to Help You Scale Your Company to 9 Figures in 3 to 5 years. Now fill in the form below and our scheduler will call you to schedule Your Private Strategy Call With a Senior Team Member. Your investment for this strategy call is Only Your Time.

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